Assembling Machines

When obtaining a final product, more than one components are being assembled as a one compact body. Regarding the production types nowadays, assembling is one of the irreplaceable production stage. A wide range assembling machine production is available in regards to our experience and capabilities. Automotive and White goods industries prefer these kind of machines.

Camera Control Machines

Zero defect policy is one of the essential requirement of production nowadays. Defect determination, controlling existence or not existince of parts, measurement control can be applied. Different types of cameras, contact lens and lightining can be selected in according to product and process variety.

Ultrasonic Welding Machines

This type of machines are utilized for welding of same or different types of materials. Using in automotive industry generally.

Sprue Cutting Machines

When the product is obtained with sprue from plastic injection molding or blow molding machines, sprue cutting machine is utilized to cut sprues and make the product ready for next stage for production. These kind of machines are preffered for sensitive, big and complicated products especially. These machines are utilized automotive industry generally.

Custom Design Industrial Furnaces

These kind of machines are preffered when heat treatment is needed for shaping, pressing and pre-heating in production stages. Called as a custom design machine type and can be design considering custom demands. Generally using in Automotive and White Goods industries.

Leak Test Machines

This test is applied for metal, rubber, plastic hoses or die casting parts with this kind of machine. Air, Helium, water, or oil can be selected as a test material. Automotive and White goods industries prefer mainly moreover other industries that can not make compromises for security.